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About the Artist


In the Summer of Love circa 1967 Joe McHugh and East Totem West (ETW) were in the forefront of creating psychedelic posters purely for arts sake. The new concept of advertising nothing but the power of creativity that was very affordable to the flower children who thronged to the San Francisco area. Joe started his poster company in Mill Valley, with some very talented and like minded artists.

ETW was up and running by 1967, at which time he produced his two most iconic posters,”White Rabbit” & “Cheshire Cat”. These posters are beautiful and vivid examples of the genre, and continue to inspire each generation to explore the message of these inovative artists. The full collection was bought by The Victoria & Albert museum in London in 2004.

They have been exhibited at The New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), The Whitney, The Oakland Museum, and are featured in The Museum Of Modern Art, & MOMA’s 2018 calendar in many other poster art exhibitions around the world.

To see the full collection of the East Totem West collection please click below. 
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